Online Learning

In 2020, COVID-19 has affected millions of families, children, businesses, and communities in the US. As schools closed across the country, our youngest learners lost their education.

Sleepy Tigers is offering 3 Chinese Immersion options with REAL TEACHERS leading the class.

  • CHINESE IMMERSION ONLINE SCHOOL large group 5-10 students ages 3-6. Chinese language background needed.
  • SMALL GROOUP ONLINE CHINESE CLASS 1-2 students for a more individualized learning.
  • SCHOOL AGE ONLINE TUTORING for students 6 & up, 3-4 children each group at any profeciency level.


CHINESE IMMERSION ONLINE SCHOOL (ages 3-6) offers social emotional learning, social studies, science, math, Chinese characters, literacy, art / craft, dance / music, story time, and kids yoga. All online school classes are recored, available to children and families to review after class. Our online school will help the children to feel a sense of community, keep a structure and consistent daily routine. It also helps parents manage children's behavior, and most importantly: providing them education. The class is a large group class with 5-10 students. It is recommended that the children already have a Chinese language background.

Monday through Friday, total 1 hour class each day.
Social emotional learning, social studies, math, science, Chinese character, literacy.
Art / craft, dance / music, story time, kids yoga.
$268/month for 1 child
$320/month for 2 children
$370/month for 3 children


SMALL GROUP ONLINE CHINESE CLASS (ages 3 & up) is designed for children to understand and speak Chinese. Teachers use hands on projects, stories and familiar real life topics to engage Children in conversations, expand their vocabulary, recognize Chinese characters, and how to speak Chinese.

Flexible Schedule:
The class is 3-5 times a week, 1-2 students per group. No Chinese language background needed.
20 minutes class, $18 / class / student


SCHOOL AGE ONLINE TUTORING (ages 6 & up) provides opportunity for children to learn / practice Chinese language hearing, speaking, reading and writing skills. The class is designed based on children's interest and proficiency level, a flexible and fun learning experience that includes stories, hands on art projects, and wide topics to engage children in conversation and participation. We also have tutoring subjects for math, English, science and social studies.

Flexible Schedule:
2-5 times a week, 3-4 students pre group. No Chinese language background needed.
30 minutes class, $12 / class / student
45 minutes class, $17 / class / student
60 minutes class, $22 / class / student


Please see the sample lesson for our Chinese class below, or enroll HERE.